Roof Waterproofing in Dubai with 15 Years Warranty



Green Sense is proud to be recognised amongst the leading waterproofing companies in UAE. Whether you require roof waterproofing for your warehouse, or want to fix your roof leakage problems, our high-quality ceramic coatings and dedicated customer experience enable us to provide unrivaled service. We go above and beyond meeting customer expectations, providing tailored solutions that exceed them with a 15 year warranty.

energy saving

Rust Proofing

We specialize in all types of roofs, walls as well as storage tanks.


Our coatings are certified and tested to the highest standards within the UAE, and can be used on old and new buildings, with the very best material available in the market. That’s why we offer expert roof waterproofing services in Dubai and all over UAE, to ensure that your structure is fully resistant to water and remains unaffected regardless of the conditions. With our extensive industry experience and proven track record, you can trust that your project will be completed to the highest of standards. Let us help you protect your investment today.

Trust us when we say that if these techniques are not used, the end laps, in particular, will crack over time, allowing in either the dreaded condensation or rain.


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